the-pirate-bay-piratebrowserThe Pirate Bay was taken offline last week and for those who torrent frequently, chances are you guys were left scrambling for the next best alternative for your movies, music, TV shows, video games, software, and more, so did the Swedish police finally manage to do something that could potentially have been a huge dent in online piracy?

Well as it turns out not really. According to the latest data from German anti-piracy firm Excipio, they have revealed some numbers which seems to suggest that knocking The Pirate Bay offline has done little to curb the activity of torrent users. The data revealed that there was a slight blip in the two days that followed The Pirate Bay’s shutdown, but it looks like activity quickly resumed like normal after that.

Prior to the Swedish police raiding The Pirate Bay, the number of IP addresses logged by Excipio was around 99 million, but following the raid, those numbers fell to 95.3 million, but it was shortly after that that the number rose again. In fact it seems that the attention brought to The Pirate Bay’s shutdown increased the number of torrent users to 100.2 million as per Excipio’s own logs.

In the meantime The Pirate Bay appears to have come back online in the form of a Croatian URL. Alternatively the team at IsoHunt have also revived The Pirate Bay, although at this point it is unclear as to which version will prevail and become the de facto The Pirate Bay.

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