uber ceoUber has a great idea which is to allow people who need a ride to get one anytime and anywhere, as opposed to having to rely on public taxis all the time. The concept is great and for many who have used their service, they can probably tell you many great things too, although the company has recently come under fire from taxi operators around the world.

Well it looks like over in South Korea, Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick could be in some serious legal trouble as the country’s law enforcement officials have indicted him on charges of running an illegal taxi service in the country. The company along with its rental agency MK Korea has reportedly broken laws that prevent car rental businesses from operating as a passenger-transport business.

In some ways this doesn’t come as a surprise as like we said earlier, Uber has faced resistance from taxi companies in every country they have expanded into. South Korea’s indictment of Uber’s CEO follows a ban on Uber’s operations earlier this year in the country. They have also offered a bounty of $910 to anyone who reports the company’s illegal activities to the authorities.

If convicted, Uber’s CEO could face a fine of $18,000 or land him two years in jail. In the meantime Uber has since released a statement claiming that they believe that they are operating legally in the country.

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