sony-northkorea-hackWhile plenty has happened because of the recent Sony hack by what many believe to be the work of North Korea, and the movie The Interview being the “culprit” to blame in such a matter, is there more than what meets the eye? Cue Transformers’ transformation sound effect. Apparently so, as a new bunch of Edward Snowden documents have pointed to the US government having inserted backdoor software into North Korea’s computer systems – not just months ago, but years prior to the hack. Talk about your chickens coming home to roost!

It seems that the NSA made use of South Korea’s established inroads in order to install malware on North Korean networks, and then that provided ample (and convenient, might I add) evidence to show the reclusive nation as the source of the Sony hack. Hence, one must ask the question – if the NSA had enough intelligence in the first place, how come it did not manage to advise or warn Sony of the impending attack?

Administration officials claim that the “spear-phishing” attack method failed to ring any alarm bells. After all, it is as though something like this is pretty much commonplace. Could this particular incident, if investigated further, end up as embarrassing for one of the two countries involved? After all, North Korea did issue a denial last year.

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