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We have been following up on the Sony Pictures hack from the day it was first reported. Computer systems at Sony Pictures were compromised last week and sensitive data was stolen. Four unreleased movies were stolen as well which were then leaked online through torrents. Naturally it has all been quite embarrassing for the company which at one point was even investigating links of the hack with North Korea. The DPRK has officially commented on the matter, denying any involvement in this attack.

The reason why some suspected North Korea could be behind this attack was because the country had expressed reservations over an upcoming Sony Pictures movie where the plot is the assassination of Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.

A recent report claimed that investigation of this hack had revealed code similar to what was found after South Korean institutions were hit with cyberattacks a few months back, those cyberattacks were believed to be the work of North Korea as well.

A North Korean diplomat based in New York told a Voice of America broadcast, anonymously, that links between the hack and DPRK are “another fabrication targeting the country.” The diplomat added that “My country publicly declared that it would follow international norms banning hacking and piracy.”

The diplomat’s comments come following a report which claims that the malware Sony was hit with was written in Korean. Moreover it was reported yesterday that Sony is all but ready to name North Korea as the source of this attack, but so far no such announcement has been made.

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