Woody Allen is someone who needs no introduction. The man is hailed as one of the most successful directors in Hollywood with a career spanning several decades. Allen has never before made a TV show but that changes now. The first Woody Allen TV series is going to debut on Amazon.

It looks like Amazon has a lot of blind faith in Woody Allen because it has ordered one full season of the as yet untitled show. It is unclear how many half-hour episodes will be in this season and what the cast will be. Those decisions are apparently yet to be made, but Amazon has committed to a full season of this new TV series that Woody Allen will write and direct himself.

In a statement released today Allen says he doesn’t know how he got into this, “I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin,” he adds jokingly but its not like he’s pressed for time. Amazon is aiming for a release on Prime Instant Video for the U.S., UK and Germany at some point in 2016.

For Amazon to clinch a big name like Woody Allen, who has never made a TV show before, its a big win over competitors who are also pumping a crazy amount of money into their original series. Having a big name like Allen onboard is going to be enough to draw eyeballs, which is precisely what Amazon is hoping for with this investment.

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