nintendo-3ds-xl-newJust how do you tell whether a particular game is hot or not? The answer can be simple of course, where one of the main indicators would be the overall sales figure. Having said that, good software can also sell hardware, and this is one potent combination in which Nintendo has leveraged over the years. They do have a strong suit of first party games that tend to end up as hits most of the time, and with that, they have also taken advantage of introducing bundles to go along with such titles, including limited edition versions of select consoles. The latest The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL has achieved such overwhelming response that it actually took all of just 15 minutes to sell out on GameStop’s website.

A GameStop official shared, “Online, the [Majora’s] Mask bundle sold out within 15 minutes. However, customers can still order one by visiting any of our stores. This order will have to be paid in-full at a store, and can be shipped to the customers home, rather than having to go to the store for pick-up.”

Do bear in mind that the brick and mortar GameStop stores have also sold out their quota of the Majora’s Mask bundle, so that just goes to show how popular this particular title is. Just so that you are aware, the special 3DS XL as well as the remake of Majora’s Mask will arrive a day before Valentine’s this year, where the portable console itself will retail for $199.99 a pop, although the special edition bundle that will be accompanied by the game itself will cost you more (naturally).

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