rockband-3-price-dropRock Band 3 is a pretty old game and we’re sure that many gamers are probably wondering if such games have gone away for good. Well previously Harmonix has reassured fans that the franchise isn’t going away and will be making a return in the future, and the good news for those who still play the game is that a new DLC has been released.

This is the first DLC that has been released in the past 2 years ever since the game was put on sale in 2010. It’s actually pretty impressive that Harmonix is still working on developing content for the game, and for those who haven’t play it in a while, we guess now’s a good time to dust off those plastic instruments and start jamming out to new tunes.

The DLC will come with three songs that includes Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?, Avenged Sevenfold – Shepherd of Fire, and Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing. It will be available for download for those on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 where it will be priced at $1.99 per song. The DLC’s release is set for the 13th of January for those in the US, and 21st of January for those living in Europe.

Now we’re not sure if this is the comeback that Harmonix had planned, but last year there seemed to be some kind of indication that we could be looking at a new game as the developer appeared to be gauging the interest of gamers, but what do you guys think? Would you like to see a new Rock Band-type game in the future?

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