Kisha_2Let’s face it, we have on more than one occasion lost an umbrella or two. Unless you’re in the habit of carrying an umbrella with you everywhere you go, it’s easy to forget that you brought one and leave it behind at work, in the bus/train, in school, at the cafe, and so on. Then again umbrellas are relatively inexpensive so getting a new one isn’t a big deal, albeit inconvenient.


However if you’re looking to never forget your umbrella again, you might be interested in the Kisha umbrella which is a smart umbrella that will try its very best not to be left behind the next time you take it out with you. This is thanks to its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying app that will remind you that you have left it behind when it goes out of range.

kisha appThe app will also be able to tell you the weather and will also be able to advise you whether or not you should bring the Kisha umbrella with you or if you’re good to leave it at home. As for the umbrella itself, it looks pretty sleek and is apparently 100% windproof and corrosion-proof. It features 16 polyurethane ribs and is said to to have the “perfect” opening and closing mechanism.

In any case the Kisha umbrella is pretty pricey as far as umbrellas are concerned as it has a price tag of $59. It does come with free shipping and a 3-year warranty, so if you’re interested in getting yourself an umbrella you will never lose again (hopefully), pop on over to Kisha’s website for the details.

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