ThinkPad-E550-2Depending on your needs, there are some business users who just need a laptop to type up documents, send emails, and surf the web. Nothing too fancy, which also means that the laptops that these users tend to look for are simple in nature and at the same time are affordably priced.

The good news is that if you’re such a user or just want an affordable laptop, Lenovo’s ThinkPad E450 and ThinkPad E550 might be of interest to you. The difference in both models will be their screen sizes, with the E450 featuring a 14-inch display while the E550 will sport a 15.6-inch display.

However apart from that, both laptops will be powered by an Intel 5th gen Core processor. Users will also be able to choose between Intel HD Graphics or adding an AMD Radeon GPU. The laptops will also be able to support up to 16GB of RAM and different storage options, ranging from your standard hard drive to hybrid storages and SSD configurations, but safe to say that these options will end up costing you more.

The E550 will also come with JBL speakers as an option, but this is a feature not offered for the E450, so if audio quality is important, then perhaps choosing the E550 would be a better idea. The E550 will also come with an optional 3D camera if you need such a feature, but otherwise both models will come default with a 720p HD webcam.

The laptops are priced starting at $599, with the price increasing depending on how you configure it, and should be available for purchase later this month.

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