Leoht-bagIt would be crucial to be able to tell the difference between a “need” and a “want” in life, if you were to move ahead without any kind of consternation. Having said that, the Leoht handbag would be nice to have if you happen to tote around your fair share of gizmos, although it would not really rank under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This bag looks like any other bag from the outside, sporting a black leather exterior, but the real magic happens when you check out what is within. The Leoht will hide an integrated 6,000mAh or 10,000mAh battery within the base that will help you provide your power hungry gadgets a much needed boost of juice while you are on the move, not to mention it also sports interior lights so that you can look for your stuff faster than ever before.

Since it already offers all of that, how about going the whole nine yards by offering a secret compartment to keep things spruced up? This is not exactly a new idea, but at least it does offer some improvements on the traditional model. For instance, the Leoht can be charged wirelessly through a custom Qi inductive charging plate which is part of the purchase, and it will work regardless of which one of the three styles you decide to pick it up in. Should you need to power it up when you are on the road, fret not, there is a microUSB port that gets the job done in the traditional method.

It is not going to come cheap though, as initial price, depending on the design, will start from $300 upward.

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