hackingI am quite sure that the Christmas Day attack of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live servers are still rather fresh in the mind of avid gamers, as that happened not too long back. The “Lizard Squad” had claimed responsibility for the attacks, not to mention taunted authorities at the same time trying to perform a quick marketing stunt for its takedown-for-hire DDoS service. It looks like the long arm of the law has finally caught up with at least one of the alleged perpetrators – as police in London arrested a man who is believed to be affiliated with the attacks.

Officers from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) Cyber Crime Unit claimed that this man is 18 years old, and has been cited to be connected to a “the denial of service attack of Sony Playstation and Xbox systems in 2014 and swatting offences.”

SEROCU has had a close working relationship with the FBI in order to apprehend the suspected DDoSer over in the seaside town of Southport. The 18-year old would face up to a couple of charges under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and suspicion of threats to kill contrary to Section 16 of Offences against the person Act 1861. Could this be the start of a bigger operation?

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