motorola-droid-turbo-hands-on-3Back in October 2014, Motorola announced that they would be bringing the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to a handful of their devices, going back as far as 2013 which is actually a pretty good thing since we’re sure some of you guys are worried that older devices might be forgotten. While Motorola has pushed out the update for some of their devices, what about the rest?

The good news is that Motorola has not forgotten about you or their promise. Motorola software engineer Luciano Carvalho recently took to Google+ where he reassured users that the update is coming and why it has taken them so long. According to Carvalho, it seems that Motorola has been busy squashing bugs that have popped up during their testing.

He writes, “Updates of this nature take time. It’s no secret that when 5.0 launched it still had bugs. And, when we update our products, we end up finding more bugs that need to be fixed.” He also adds, “When Google creates a new release, they don’t validate it for all the possible combinations there are, and they won’t fix anything that’s not reproducible on a Nexus device, that’s our job.”

Unfortunately Carvalho did not give a possible timeframe as to when the updates will be pushed out to the rest of Motorola’s devices except for saying it would be arriving “soon”, so we guess we will just have to remain patient and wait for it to arrive.

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