fastest-internetBoth Virgin and Qualcomm have decided to throw their lot – well some of it, anyway, into OneWeb’s satellite venture, which intends to see the world benefit from global satellite-based Internet services. I am all for that – but will the coverage of the Internet connection be stable and reliable, even in the most remote parts of the world? Only time will be able to tell.

In this particular partnership, it would be Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne system that will send OneWeb’s satellites into orbit, while Qualcomm would play the role of the other initial investor in OneWeb. OneWeb was founded by telecom entrepreneur Greg Wyler, and Wyler has been on the lookout for external support for the satellite venture, including knocking on the doors of Google and Elon Musk.

Of course, there are always questions surrounding any big money deals – and this one will also have its fair share, including the production timetable as well as launch of potentially hundreds of satellites. It is said that the initial investment alone for a 648-satellite constellation will be approximately $2 billion – at least according to Sir Richard Branson himself. While the initial investment might be huge, it goes without saying that the market for low-cost, available-anywhere broadband does have an extremely promising outlook.

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