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Virgin Mobile USA Is Now An iPhone-Exclusive Carrier
Walk into a carrier shop anywhere around the world and there’s a good chance that you’ll come across a variety of phones, ranging from iPhones, to Android, to BlackBerry, and maybe some running on Windows. However with Virgin Mobile USA, it seems that the company has decided to partner with Apple and will now only be selling iPhones.

Virgin Flight Hit With ‘Galaxy Note 7’ WiFi Prank
We get that giving your WiFi SSID’s clever names can be funny sometimes, but sometimes it can be downright distasteful. Just the other day we reported that a flight was cancelled because a passenger thought it was funny to name his/her WiFi hotspot “Galaxy Note 7”, which in case you didn’t know, is banned from being brought on board planes.

Virgin Media Has New 200Mbps Package
It looks like it can be rather difficult trying to wean ourselves off from the Internet, as we look for faster and faster connections all the time – preferably at reduced rates, too. Virgin Media knows this, where we did report on how they intend to increase charges as well as work on a 600Mbps network, but this time around it looks like the former will feature new top-tier package […]

Virgin Media Broadband Charges Set To Increase - Again
It looks like times are getting harder and harder, even for the technologically inclined. Apparently, Virgin Media has stepped forward to make an announcement of their plans to invest a whopping £3 billion in its fibre optic broadband network. This particular investment is set to run its course in the coming few years, where the main aim is to extend its reach to another quartet of million homes by the […]


Virgin America's In-Flight Wi-Fi Is Fast Enough To Stream Netflix
The Internet has become an integral part of our lives and now we are so hooked to out that we want it everywhere, even when we are in a flight. With time internet connectivity has also improved with leaps and bounds, the service is now available at places that we couldn’t have imagined some years ago. Although in-flight Wi-Fi is not a distant dream anymore, however, it still needs to […]

Richard Branson Hints Virgin Could Compete With Tesla
Tesla has proudly been carrying the torch for all electric cars. The company has made a good name for itself and has proven that all electric cars can work. To counter Tesla’s increasing dominance as far as electric cars are concerned legacy carmakers are now throwing their hats in the ring as well. Tesla might also have to compete with an unconventional competitor, Richard Branson’s Virgin.

OneWeb's Satellite Venture Intends To Deliver Global Satellite-Based Internet Services
Both Virgin and Qualcomm have decided to throw their lot – well some of it, anyway, into OneWeb’s satellite venture, which intends to see the world benefit from global satellite-based Internet services. I am all for that – but will the coverage of the Internet connection be stable and reliable, even in the most remote parts of the world? Only time will be able to tell.

Second SpaceShipTwo Construction Set To Go Ahead
Virgin Galactic LLC intends to continue with the building of a second SpaceShipTwo, which might be interpreted by some as a never-give-up spirit, taking into consideration how the first SpaceShipTwo model crashed not too long ago last Friday, killing the co-pilot who was on board while putting a damper in Virgin Galactic’s plans to send tourists up into space.

Qantas And Virgin Australia Approve Use Of Phones On Flights
I have always questioned the reason behind the claim that use of personal electronic devices during flight might interfere with the flight controls and communications itself, but surely them engineers know what they are doing prior to issuing such a command, right? Having said that, it is a pleasant surprise to hear that those who are traveling on Qantas and Virgin Australia are given the green light to be able […]

Virgin America Picks Nexus 7 In Fleet Deployment
Do tablets and planes actually mix well? If you are a passenger, then the answer would be yes, but if you happen to be the pilot or co-pilot, it might not be such a good idea after all. Still, here we are with word that Virgin America intends to bestow this initiative with wings, delivering yet another touch of technology across its fleet of Airbus jets. This means the antiquated […]

HTC Desire 816 Arrives On Virgin Mobile
As mentioned yesterday, the HTC Desire 816 has launched over on Virgin Mobile today, where this particular smartphone ought to charm you into parting with $299.99 as you use this alongside Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk no-contract plans. It straddles the line of a smartphone and a tablet, placing it close to phablet category with a 5.5” display alongside Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 that helps you have peace of mind whenever […]

Virgin SpaceShip Two Achieves New Height Record
Virgin’s SpaceShip Two has broken its fair share of records in the past, but this does not mean that the spacecraft is unable to shatter even more records right here, right now. No sir, the Virgin SpaceShip Two reusable space vehicle has managed to touch new heights today, where the craft was blasted nearly 13.5 miles into the air where it touched a speed of Mach 1.4, now how about […]

April Fools Compilation
In the latest round of April fools, a number of high-profile companies have worked hard to make us smile at the office. We’ve selected our favorite gags of the day (with a tech twist obviously!) and while Google gets a commendation for being very prolific, others have done great April Fools gags too, here are our favorites, in no particular order:Virgin Glass-Bottom PlaneThe title says it all, really, but Virgin […]

Virgin Pure offers cleaner water with Strauss Water
It is definitely a naming coup for Sir Richard Branson with his latest release, the Virgin Pure device that intends to alter the drinking habits of folks living in Britain, where the Virgin Strauss Water is said to deliver a range of counter-top purified water solutions which intend to change the way many families drink water at home. Right now, research shows that 20% of UK households prefer to rely on […]