united-app-inflight-entertainmentRoutehappy, which is a product differentiation platform where air travel is concerned, has recently highlighted the increasing significance of in-flight Wi-Fi. In fact, it has been revealed that the number of in-flight Wi-Fi services made available by airlines has increased, which is a good thing for travelers, of course. The report from Routehappy is known as ‘Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi’, where it features a comprehensive infographic on the availability, not to mention the quality of in-flight Wi-Fi – worldwide.

Routehappy has performed an analysis of flights scheduled for departure on February 5, which happens to be described as a “typical mid-week travel day.” This is what they have come up with after trying to figure out all the data collected – there is “some chance” for the passengers to enjoy in-flight Wi-Fi advantage on close to a quarter of the airline miles flown around the world.

Where domestic flights within the US is concerned, in-flight Wi-Fi availability also has “some chance” – and by that, we are looking at close to 66% of the airlines miles flown. 52 airlines worldwide have been identified by Routehappy to offer in-flight Wi-Fi availability, and Routehappy CEO Robert Albert even shared, “Wi-Fi is one of the most sought after, new amenities flyers want to access on their flights, and there has been significant investment by airlines since our last report.” Do you agree?

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