tpb-returnBy now it seems that there is a very good chance that the original Pirate Bay will be back. Last we heard, the website had dropped hints that they will be making a comeback, and now thanks to the latest update made to the website, that almost seems like a certainty. The website has been recently updated and instead of all black, some of its familiar design has made a return.

The Pirate Bay has never been known for its design which was basically a white background, some textboxes and some buttons. Prior to this the website was all black, but the latest update has brought back some of its older design, like the textbox and its buttons. The buttons appear to be greyed out at the moment, but the PirateBrowser and PromoBay links are active.

The countdown timer is still counting down to the 1st of February where presumably the website will be relaunched or an announcement will be made. The bottom of the page still contains the pirate ship sailing towards the island which is named “welcomehome”. The website has had its activities ceased for about a month ever since the Swedish police raided their server center.

In the meantime copies of the website have gone up online but with the possible revival of the original Pirate Bay, we have to wonder how these copies and alternatives will fare, but what do you guys think? Are you excited to see The Pirate Bay brought back online once again?

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