iron-man-floating-figureThere are plenty of Iron Man figurines lying about. Some are not officially licensed, some are fake, and some are so meticulously crafted that you can see the strands of hair on Tony Stark’s face. However for the most part, these figurines/toys are stationary and are often posed to make it look like he’s shooting or flying.

However if you wanted a more “realistic” Iron Man toy, then the Iron Man Mark II Special Floating Edition might be a toy worth checking out. This toy is part of Beast Kingdom’s Egg Attack series. According to the description, “Iron Man’s every detail is meticulously crafted, including the armor, joints, and flying mode air deflector. The Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic floating version’s main body is painted with high-quality metal coating, showcasing Mark II’s steel-like armor.”

While we can appreciate the attention to detail, what makes this particular toy even cooler is the fact that it can float, thanks to a magnetic base and the use of attracting and repulsing magnets that gives it the illusion that the toy is flying. This combined with the built-in LEDs in the toy’s eyes, chest reactor, hands, and feet all adds up to a pretty awesome product.

Unfortunately it does not come cheap as it is priced at $170. For those who might be interested in getting their hands on it, you can pre-order it at the Big Bad Toy Store where it is expected to begin shipping in March 2015. In the meantime you can see it in action in the video above.

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