pwcajmMuch of our world now is the science fiction of the past. Lately, to add to the proprietor of technology, Amazon has been experimenting with a new shipping methods; by installing 3D printers into their delivery trucks. Soon, customer would just have to wait a moment passes, as the Amazon’s truck parked onto homes’ curb would print the items that they have ordered online.

This could rapidly change the outlook of purchasing online goods. The e-commerce company has since filed several patent applications for the system which could print goods on demand in “Mobile manufacturing hubs”.

The patent filing states that the system would help speed up the delivery process and reduce the warehouse space the company needs. “Time delays between receiving an order and shipping the item to the customer may reduce customer satisfaction and affect revenues generated,” Amazon says in the documents. The Wall Street Journal fantasized a scenario where the mobile manufacturing hubs could be used to supply customers with car’s parts before a road trip on the same day itself.

No patent award has yet been issues to the company. Mobile manufacturing hubs are just the latest in a series of plans the company partake in making the delivery time more efficient. In early 2014, Amazon was awarded a patent for “anticipatory delivery,” a system based on previous searches, that would let the e-retailer send products to shipping hubs it believes will sell well. In 2013, the company has uses new hardware; drones for delivery, way before FAA announcement of the new rules on commercial drone flights.

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