Amazon today launched a new tool which takes advantage of its strong online retail platform to deliver a one-stop solution to anybody looking to host a giveaway online. The self-service tool is called Amazon Giveaway and it is open to anyone and everyone. It will be particularly popular with brands, marketers, bloggers and even authors who often host giveaways online to promote themselves and their work.

Everything is handled by Amazon. From providing the product to shipping it, the company takes care of it all. A host can choose to giveaway any product that’s available through Amazon.

Once the results are in and they have decided who to pick for the prize, hosts will simply need to pay for the product that’s being sent as a prize and Amazon will ship it directly to the winner.

The tool has all the options that one would require when setting up a giveaway promotion. Text or custom content can be added and the rules can be specified.

When the giveaway page is done a unique link is emailed to the host which can then be shared with other people who want to enter the giveaway.

According to Amazon up to 50 prizes can be awarded in each giveaway with the total value coming to $5,000. Recipients will have to confirm their U.S. shipping addresses in order to receive the prize directly from Amazon.

This tool is completely free. Amazon doesn’t charge anything for it, only the host pays for the product or products that are meant to be given away as prizes.

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