smartphone usageWe’re not sure how many of you guys actually bother to check or notice, but do you know on average how many hours you spend on your smartphone on a daily basis? Considering that sometimes we attend to our phones to reply messages or check social media, it doesn’t feel long, but it is obvious that the minutes add up.

According to a new report from Informate Mobile Intelligence, they have found that Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours a day on their smartphones, putting them ahead of consumers in 11 other countries. This is based on data collected during the month of December in 2014. Interestingly enough coming in second place is Thailand at 4.2 hours and Malaysia in third place at 3.3 hours.

Countries such as Argentina and Mexico are at the bottom averaging 1.8 hours each. Unsurprisingly given that Americans reportedly spend the most amount of time on their phones, data consumption for the US is also the highest at 20GB. However the report claims that Indonesia consumes 3GB a month despite the fact that they spend more time on their phones compared to Mexico and Argentina.

In any case what do you guys make of the report? Are you in agreement with the numbers, or do you think that maybe your country people actually spend way more time than what is shown in the graph above?

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