Cable giant Comcast might be considering a move in the mobile carrier space. Comcast may use its massive collection of Wi-Fi hotspots to power such a service. Comments made by the company’s CEO during a recent earnings conference all allude to that much while another report brings to our attention the multiple job openings that Comcast has posted to bring in talent that will help in creating this mobile service.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts wouldn’t confirm anything outright when asked if the company would develop “mobile first” products and services that would leverage its 8.3 million strong Wi-Fi hotspot network.

Roberts said that the company is assessing the possibilities, but did say that “We don’t think this is the time where we chew open what our Wi-Fi plans are,” so there goes all hope of getting an official confirmation from Comcast.

Interestingly Roberts doesn’t deny that Comcast is looking into the possibility, he said that the company does believe in the asset, and “we’re looking for ways to bring it to market over the next several months.”

Donohue Report points us towards employment notices, that have since been removed, which stated that Comcast is developing new concepts to “mobilize” its triple-play business, and mentioned that the company is evaluating potential entries into the wireless ecosystem.

If Comcast does come out with such a service it would be quite similar to Freewheel, a mobile first service from Cablevision, which is priced at as low as $10 per month for internet subscribers and offers unlimited talk and text.

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