delta-windowsphoneIf you would like to enjoy some Internet goodness on your next flight, perhaps you might want to check out Delta Airlines – the airline has just announced on Wednesday that they will be outfitting 250 of its jets that ply the longer domestic, Latin American and Caribbean routes with a speedier Internet service from Gogo. It is touted that this new service will be able to offer passengers with data capacity as fast as 70Mbps.

Do bear in mind, however, that the 70Mbps speed will be split up among the users who have already paid for the service prior. While that might be a downer for some, do bear in mind that this so happens to be an improvement from the 3Mbps 3G service which, at this point in time, is split up among Wi-Fi users along such routes.

With the new Gogo 2Ku service, it will merge the company’s ground-to-air CDMA network alongside satellite service from SES and Intellisat. Installation of this service would translate to retrofitting the aircraft, and time is required before the entire fleet will be adequately equipped – and we are talking about a time span of several years here. As for the new planes that have been ordered for international routes, those will already arrive with this speedy in-flight Internet service right out of the box.

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