An alternative when it comes to cutting down or even quitting the smoking habit would be to make use of electronic cigarettes, but unfortunately, it seems we have come across yet another case of an exploding electronic cigarette – resulting in the victim being hospitalized with burns to his face. Surely these things are now fire hazards that one ought to be more careful with, don’t you think so?

Authorities were alerted to this situation over at the Stage Stop Liquor Store in Ramona on Sunday evening, after an e-cigarette exploded. Not only was the employee hurt, the store too, was damaged. Apparently, in the explosion, materials from the e-cigarette managed to cut the man’s face, while a glass display within the store also shattered from the explosion.

Right now, the unidentified man has been listed to be in critical condition, so our well wishes and prayers go out to him and his family. The cause of the e-cigarette’s explosion has yet to be ascertained, and hopefully something comes up soon.

Hopefully this will be the last of such a case, although it would be doubtful since e-cigarettes are getting more and more popular, with over 6 million people making use of the tobaccoless devices that have been touted to be a “safer” alternative to cigarettes.

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