gionee-elife51-guinnessIt looks like the manufacturer of extremely slim smartphones – Gionee, intends to make yet another splash at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. After all, when you are on a roll and have released a couple of handsets that did carry the record for being the slimmest smartphone in the world (albeit having been beaten already) in 2014, you know for sure that the company is not going to give up in its push for slimmer handsets down the road. Hence, we all look forward to March 2nd next month for Gionee’s announcement at MWC 2015.

According to Gionee’s head of global marketing, Oliver Sha, “The race to make the slimmest smartphone was getting out of hand. Going so slim is actually not benefiting user experience without the performance to back it up.”

Hence, it does seem to sound as though Gionee will no longer be in pursuit of the world’s slimmest smartphone by then, but rather, will offer something that packs quite a punch, and yet will not be all that bulky as it retains a certain svelte look about it. What do you think? Would the slim form factor of a smartphone actually prove to be a deterrent if it looks too fragile? [Press Release]

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