Sending text messages can sometimes be misconstrued as they aren’t able to carry your tone of voice, so when you think you’re being funny, someone else could think you’re being rude, which is why emojis exist to let you convey your messages with the right intentions. However if you’re looking to take your texting to the next level, Legend is an app that might be worth checking out.


The app is developed by Stupeflix who also developed the Replay app, which was Apple’s iPhone App of the Year for 2014 and was also mentioned during Apple’s event last year. So what does Legend do? Basically what the app does is it takes text that you’ve written and animates it and allows you to share the image on the web, social media, or send it to your friends as a video.

Users will be able to select an animation style and choose a color, filter, or background combo, maybe even add a photo or a video for its background, and you’re done. The app will try to suggest the best designs that they think will work best, but ultimately you will get to choose what the end product will look like.

The app is available for download via the iTunes App Store where it is priced at $1.99 so head on over if you’d like to check it out, or see the video above to get an idea of what to expect.

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