The folks at Man at Arms: Reforged have over the years created some amazing replicas of weapons and armor from a variety of classic video games. For example in the past they have recreated the Frostmourne sword from the Warcraft franchise, Kratos’ Blades of Chaos from the God of War series, and Link’s Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda titles.


Now it looks like they are back and are completing Link’s sword and shield combo by forging the Hylian Shield which we’re sure fans of the series are undoubtedly very familiar with. The forging process is an interesting one to watch as they basically start with a piece of sheet metal and mold it into a shape of a shield.

From there they apply the process of “Planishing” which helps to smooth it out and shape it even further and the use of actual amber for the decals to create the Triforce was actually a nice touch and great attention to detail. The end result is a very impressive piece of armor and as expected at the end of the video, they put Link’s Hylian Shield to the test.

The shield is actually rather sturdy and has managed to fend of a variety of hard fruits and soda cans thrown at it, which can be rather heavy. They even took some bows and arrows and fired at it and as you can see in the video above, it holds up pretty damn well. Now that both the sword and shield have been created, perhaps it’s time to save the princess!

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