The USB Type-C connector is expected to become a standard in the near future, much like how USB 2.0 was the standard before USB 3.0 took over. So far we have seen companies such as Apple, LaCie, and recently even Google with their latest Chromebook Pixel adopt the USB Type-C standard, so what’s next?

If you guessed smartphones, you’d be right. Detailing the USB Type-C connector in a video, Google revealed that in the future, Android smartphones could soon adopt that technology as well. This was revealed by Google’s product manager Adam Rodriguez who stated that the company was committed to the new spec and that future Chromebooks and Android phones could see its adoption in the near future.

The benefits to the USB Type-C connector is that it can not only deliver power to a device, but it can be used for displays and data transfers all through a single port. This eliminates the need for multiple ports which also reduces the number of cables needed. It also sports a symmetrical design like the Lightning connector so regardless of which way you plug it in, it will fit.

Google did not mention which future Android handsets would sport the technology, but if we had to venture a guess, the next-gen Nexus handset does seem to be a likely candidate.

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