h1z1I am not sure about you, but there seems to have been a fair number of movies, books as well as comics that do depict what the world will be like in the event of a zombie apocalypse – not only will you need to contend with mindless hordes of the hungry undead, but you will also have to outwit yourself against other scheming human beings. Having said that, video games such as H1Z1 will place one in the shoes of someone who is trying to live through a zombie apocalypse, and in the game itself, there are dangers which have nothing to do with the undead.


H1Z1 happens to be a rather unique title that will allow one to attempt to survive in a hostile environment that has been overrun by zombies. However, zombies are far from being the major threat, since the other wildlife around such as bears in the woods, too, would be all too willing to rip out your innards for a non-rotting meal.

The game does seem to have its fair share of bugs, but this is quite an interesting game that will let you enjoy something different rather than the usual slaying of zombies and racking up the body count.

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