metalslug3It is with much joy and aplomb that the launch of Metal Slug 3 has been announced, which means that this particular title can be played on the following platforms – the current generation Sony PS4, the previous generation Sony PS3, and of course, the handheld PS Vita. Metal Slug 3 is touted to be the pinnacle of 2D run and gun action, so why not enjoy a little bit of such a genre this spring?

Metal Slug was first introduced to the world in 2000 by SNK and on the NEOGEO game console, which is a console that has long faded from the industry, never mind the fact that it should be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Metal Slug 3 turned out to be the most highly-praised installment in the series, at least by Metal Slug fans worldwide, thanks to its refined game balance and massive volume.

Code Mystics and SCEA Third Party Productions worked hand in hand in order to deliver a high-quality version of the original NEOGEO game, while there is also the inclusion of Trophy support and online multiplayer which enabled this download version of Metal Slug 3 to come with the convenient cross save functionality, not to mention a cross play feature, too. Expect it to retail for $14.99 for a limited time only as a three-way cross buy game throughout the Spring Fever campaign, where PS Plus members are entitled to an additional 10% discount. [Press Release]

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