amazon-logo-largeRobots are getting more and more indispensable in this day and age, there is no doubt about it. After all, factories do seem to make full use of robots whenever possible in order to mass produce whatever is on the production line. Amazon, with their massive warehouse facilities, would definitely benefit from the presence of robots when it comes to certain and selected tasks, and one of those areas would be packing.

Right now, humans are the ones packing the items ordered, but perhaps this might not be the scenario a few years down the road. There is an upcoming robotics competition organized by Amazon’s Kiva Systems subsidiary, and this competition could be the beginning of an era where a fully robotic warehouse gets the job done, and the seeds could be sown from approximately 30 teams that had participated in this competition to see which team is able to deliver the best robot for packing a box.

Needless to say, it would be imperative for these robots to come with a degree of sensitivity, knowing just the right amount of pressure to apply when it comes to picking up one of the numerous items that are in Amazon’s inventory. After all, a fragile item is easily crushed and might be the same size as that of a bowling ball, right?

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