sandisk-infiniSanDisk has taken the somewhat unorthodox move to enter the storage array business, where the debuting member would be the InfiniFlash all-flash array series. It was designed in-house, and intends to be a crucial component of SanDisk’s current market strategy by filling up the gaps that existing big data customers experience at the moment, which would chiefly be higher density at a lower lower price in order for data centers to be more efficient.

The SanDisk InfiniFlash will arrive in a trio of various flavors, where the IF100 happens to be an open platform which has been specially designed for OEMs alongside hyperscale customers with their very own software platforms. It will come with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for monitoring purposes, however.

As for the IF500, it will target object storage using ceph (an open source object storage system), where this will lead the path to developing extremely high capacity clusters in an efficient manner. The IF100 will cost less than $1 per GB, while the IF500 would be priced in the region between $1 and $2 per GB. SanDisk will bring about a couple of configurations, namely 256TB and 512TB, of which 245TB and 480TB happen to be usable.

Last but not least, the SanDisk IF700 will have its focus clearly on performance, where it will be built on the Fusion-io ION platform with database (including the likes of Oracle and SAP, among others) workloads being the main point here. The IF700, too, will have a price of somewhere between $1 as well as $2 for each GB.

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