vessel-imacThere are plenty of video streaming services online at the moment. We have the popular YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more, so the question is do we really need another? Or better yet, do we really need a more premium video service? Apparently Hulu’s former CEO Jason Kilars thinks so as his new video subscription service Vessel opens its doors to the public.

If you’re wondering why the name sounds so familiar, it is because earlier this year the service launched a public beta in which users could sign up to be part of the testing phase, but it looks like everything has gone pretty well as it is now available for anyone to join. Basically the idea behind Vessel is to provide users with early access to videos made by YouTube stars for a monthly subscription.

It will cost users $2.99 a month and like we said, it will give users a 72 hour head start on checking out the latest content from YouTube stars. However if you think that the 72 hour head start is unnecessary then we guess you could always revert back to YouTube. However this model isn’t new as Kilars did something similar back at Hulu.

According to Kilars, “Then Hulu Plus came along and we offered Modern Family 7 days earlier and became the fastest paid subscription service in U.S. history.” Of course a TV series is a bit different compared to YouTube videos but Kilar is banking on the “millennial” audience to help drive Vessel’s adoption. If you’d like to check it out, you can head on over to its website for the details.

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