Acer conducted a press conference today in New York City and made a number of announcements, the company unveiled some of its new products and also talked about one that’s likely to appeal to gamers. The company revealed that later this year it’s going to release an Android-powered Predator tablet, which will go nicely with its Predator gaming PCs. The tablet will also be geared towards gamers.

The company did show off a prototype today and confirmed that the rather pointy design is going to be present on the final version. It didn’t mention a release date but spokespersons for Acer have confirmed that the tablet will arrive sometime in Q4, 2015.

Acer has not revealed anything about the specifications and features of the Predator tablet so we’ll have to wait for that information. One company executive did tell Engadget that the tablet will have a haptic feedback feature which will make the tablet rumble in the user’s hand if they were playing a game like Asphalt 8 and took a hard corner.

All we know about this tablet right now is that it’s going to have an 8-inch display and four front-facing speakers that will be placed at the tablet’s corners. No word as yet on how much will it cost.

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