EyeEmThere are plenty of photo sharing websites that also helps photographers sell their photos, such as deviantArt and 500px, just to name a few, but if you’re after something a little more casual and mobile friendly, EyeEm might be right up your alley. EyeEm has been described as a social network similar to Instagram, the difference being that the company hopes to be able to sell your photos for you.

The concept is similar to Instagram where users can upload photos, apply filters, and share them with their followers. However the difference is that EyeEm will introduce “Missions” which are basically photo requests from companies and users of their network will go about and try to accomplish said missions, and the photos that are chosen are the ones that get paid.

EyeEm is also labeling itself as a platform for professional photographers so while Instagram might be filled with selfies and horribly-taken photos of food, don’t expect to find the same on EyeEm. We should point out that EyeEm isn’t exactly new per se, but the company has recently managed to raise $18 million in funding which the company hopes will allow them to expand their business.

For starters one of the ideas the company has is to take their services into the real world, such as holding more galleries where folks will be able to come in and see photos in real life and where photographers can show off their works. They are also hoping to hire more community reps across the world that will allow them to work with more local brands and get a better idea of how licensing works in different countries.

For those who want to check out EyeEm, you can download the app via the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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