Logitech-HD-Pro-Webcam-C920-review-04As if horror movies didn’t make nanny cams and webcams scary enough, here’s a real-life horror story for you. According to a report from KTTC, a family in Minnesota were shocked when they discovered that images from their nanny cam were posted online on a website for other people to view. They first discovered it when they heard music coming from the nursery, but when they went in, the music stopped.

They then tracked the IP address through the Foscam software and found out that it was originating from Amsterdam. Following the link in the address, they stumbled upon a website where there were thousands of photos from inside various homes, not just theirs. In fact they could even sort the photos based on their country, talk about creepy!

The photos came from cameras not just installed in nurseries, but basically anywhere where you might have a camera installed, like a CCTV at home, a webcam sitting on top of your monitor, and so on. The photos showed images from people’s living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and etc. However as shocking and disturbing as this might be, it turns out that it is a pretty common situation, according to security camera expert Bryan Lagarde.

Speaking to Yahoo Parenting, Lagarde said, “It happens every day. People just don’t realize that there are websites dedicated to finding open webcams and posting the footage.” He also gave some advice on how to protect oneself, such as changing the passwords of the camera frequently, don’t give away identifiers to your location, and most important, consider the use of a non-WiFi password, especially if you’re only planning to use it at home.

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