It looks like the folks over at Garmin has decided to give the VIRB family of action cameras a boost by introducing not just one, but two new models – and I am referring to the Garmin VIRB X and the Garmin VIRB XE models. These two models will be able to collect data from a range of its embedded sensors, and these collected information will then be used to come up with graphical overlays in order to depict your recently concluded adventure.


Regardless of the model that you pick, either one will be waterproof, and not only that, it will be waterproof all the way to 50 meters, which means you can surely do a spot of diving without having to get an extra protective case for the Garmin VIRB action camera.

It will sport a 1” screen that makes it a snap to configure settings in double quick time, while a couple of hours of battery life too, should be able to be adequate, as you shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second. Apart from that, the G-Metrix system will definitely be worth checking out since it obtains data from the GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compatible wireless sensors, resulting in graphical overlays right smack on top of your videos.

Expect the VIRB XE to retail for $399 a pop, where it offers 1440p at 30 fps and the ability to capture 12MP stills, too, while the VIRB X is a Benjamin more affordable, as you capture 720p video at 30 fps or 720p footage at a smooth 60.

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