Just yesterday we reported that Activision had released a trailer for a new Guitar Hero title, the publisher promised to reveal more details soon, and now it has. Activision today confirmed Guitar Hero Live, the next title is the franchise. The new title is going to bring a new guitar controller, curated song streaming as well as support for both consoles and mobile devices. Guitar Hero Live will come to consoles and mobile devices later this year.

Ever since Guitar Hero emerged on the scene back in 2005 the controller has used a five-button layout, which has been thrown out the window for Guitar Hero Live. The new controller has six buttons that are arranged vertically in two parallel rows.

Since there’s a new control scheme for the title it means that old Guitar Hero instruments will be of no use. On the other hand Harmonix, which is hard at work developing Rock Band 4, is particularly focusing on allowing as many old instruments to work with the new title as possible.

For now it appears that Guitar Hero Live is just focused on the guitar and not any other instrument has been part of the franchise before, like drums. Activision has said that the new controller will be packaged with Guitar Hero Live for $100. It’s destined to arrive this fall.

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