Leica-M-Monochrom-Typ-246-camera1There’s a certain quiet beauty and depth to black and white photos and if these types of photos are the style that you’re aiming for, you might be interested to learn that Leica has announced their new Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246). The last time we heard from Leica with regards to the Monochrom series, it was back in 2012.

So what kind of features did Leica bring to the table with their latest model? For starters this is a Leica MP body made with magnesium alloy with a solid brass top and base plates in a black chrome finish. It will come with a 2GB buffer and incorporates the use of sapphire glass for its display which is of the 3-inch variety, and will come with a new 24MP sensor under the hood.

It will feature an ISO range of up to 25,000, live-view and focus peaking, 3 new color filters, and will also be able to capture Full HD video in black and white. As expected since this is a Leica that it will not come cheap and is priced at $7,450. Now some of you are wondering why would you need a dedicated black and white camera? Wouldn’t taking photos in color and then converting them give you more freedom?

According to Leica, “As the M Monochrom has no need for color filters, it needs no interpolation for the calculation of luminance values. This results in brilliant images which have 100% more details and contrast than what is possible in color photography.” That being said it is a bit limiting but if you fancy yourself the next Ansel Adams, except to be able to pick up the camera come 7th of May. In the meantime sample photos taken by the device can be found on here.

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