Last week we reported that Nintendo had announced that in an upcoming DLC for Mario Kart 8, they would be introducing an even faster mode to the game in the form of a 200cc mode. This represents a 50cc increase over the fastest mode available at the moment which is 150cc, but the question is, will a mere 50cc increase make a huge difference?

To demonstrate the difference in speed, Nintendo has released a new video which demonstrates the difference in speed and time when comparing the 200cc mode to the 150cc mode. They used the game’s Piranha Plant Pipeway map to demonstrate this. Now at the start things seem to be fairly normal and you can’t really tell the difference, but it doesn’t take long for the obvious differences to show.

In the 200cc mode, your characters moves much, much faster compared to the 150cc mode. In fact in the video, there is about a 4-5 seconds difference when comparing modes. In the 200cc mode, the player has already exited the tunnel and is racing on the outside, while the 150cc player is still inside the tunnel.

Obviously this will require players to reevaluate their strategies when playing 200cc as this is a whole different kind of monster, but in a good way. If you’ve started to grow tired of 150cc, then this upcoming (free) DLC is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

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