Second Life is an online game where players can get together and well, live out their second lives. It’s an interesting premise and seems more like a social kind of game versus other online games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, EVE Online, Wildstar, and so on where they are more action-packed.


However interestingly enough it seems that a group of Second Life players has decided to change that by building an MMO inside the game itself. Dubbed Remnants of Earth, it has been described as a cyberpunk-themed RPG with pen and paper RPG-like elements. The description of the game reads, “Remnants of Earth is a cyberpunk-fantasy role playing game within the metaverse of Second Life, with a heavy basis around classic pen and paper RPGs elements, like; dice rolling, stats, monster fighting, story driven events, MMO-like adventuring, and gathering.”

Its creators are also pretty ambitious as the game does seem pretty full on and complex. “Players can interact with NPCs and other players to accomplish goals, and even engage in heated PvP faction wars. We even have a full crafting and mining system! Think of RoE as a fully functioning table top game in SL, like Dungeons and Dragons, or ShadowRun.” There will also be a bunch of different races to choose from as well as a handful of factions.

Like we said it looks to be a rather full on game and its trailer certainly looks very impressive. If you’d like to learn more you can head on over to its website for the details, or check out its trailer in the video above to see some aspects of the game in action.

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