qualcomm-chipsWhen your company or organization does not get the kind of positive vibes or attention from the masses, then there is surely cause for concern. It seems that there has been less than positive reaction for the Snapdragon 810 processor from Qualcomm, where LG’s most recent flagship, the LG G4, will have the Snapdragon 808 processor running underneath the hood instead. As it was mentioned earlier, the Snapdragon 810 does not have an overheating issue according to the folks over at Qualcomm.


Do take note that the Snapdragon 810 also sees action inside another flagship smartphone model, which would be the HTC One M9. However, this particular model is known to heat up quite a bit, where it gets hotter as opposed to some of the previous year’s best handsets. Apart from that, there are also other companies all lined up to make use of the Snapdragon 810 processor in their products later this year, which means this particular issue should not be too bad as what conventional thinking might lead to.

Still, the proof of the proverbial pudding is in the eating, and hence, if one were to actually use it on an ordinary basis and make a comparison, most folks would say that the Snapdragon 810-powered does heat up more than what is normally deemed to be acceptable. As long as it does not catch on fire though!

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