MBX_MKII_ALUB_ILL_02We’re not sure if you guys remember but back in 2012, we reported on the Murderbox MK II PC case. This was a beautiful PC case but the only problem is that the case itself costs $1,200. Well it looks like the folks at XForma have finally put it into production and have rebranded it as the XForma MBX MKII and no, it has not received a price drop since then. In fact it’s gone up by $50 as it is now priced at $1,250.

However we should note that $1,250 only nets you the base model as additional addons such as extra grills, fans, and optical drives will rack up that price even more. For those who are seeking liquid cooling solutions can opt to add extra mounting brackets, the reservoir, and pump mounts for extra money – as if the $1,250 price tag wasn’t enough!

So how does one justify such an expensive case? For starters it will be a limited edition case. The company claims that only 250 will be produced and there will be a private forum for the case owners to congregate, like an elite club of sorts. It will also be built from aluminum and its motherboard tray will also be crafted from a solid piece of aluminum. The modular HDD trays too will also be built using the material, as opposed to plastic trays which other case makers sometimes use.

All in all we’re not sure if we can justify its price tag although we have to admit the MBX MKII does look like a thing of beauty. However if you are interested in getting your hands on one, hit up XForma’s website for the details.

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