verizon signIt used to be at one point in time that carriers were tripping over each other to offer customers unlimited data plans, however recently carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have done away with those plans which we’re sure many customers can’t be too happy about. However according to Verizon, the company seems to be thinking that they’re doing customers a favor.

The carrier recently published an opinion piece written by analyst Jack Gold (via Ars Techica) in which Gold attempts to reason as to why giving customers unlimited data is not good for them. For starters Gold points out the ubiquity of high-speed wireless networks which makes the need for unlimited data moot.

He claims that “users are very well served by current wireless data plans, and really don’t require more. So, while unlimited data may sound attractive, there is no practical effect of data limits on the majority of users.” Gold also states that if all customers had unlimited data, the strain it would place on Verizon’s network would be immense.

So much so that the carrier would be forced to continuously seek upgrades to maintain their services. According to Gold, “Much like highways that need to be widened for peak rush-hour traffic, this would require major investments that someone would have to pay for—that someone being the subscribers.”

The carrier already has a system in place in which they will throttle the speeds of grandfathered unlimited users who fall under the carrier’s heavy internet users list, but what do you guys make of this piece? Does Verizon have a valid argument for not offering unlimited data plans?

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