amtrakBy now many of you guys have probably heard of the recent Amtrak crash in which a train jumped its tracks on a corner where the speed limit was 50mph. However according to the investigation, the speed of the train was supposedly going at 106mph at that time and while black box technology should tell us the whole story, apparently it isn’t enough.

So much so that Amtrak has since announced that they will start installing video cameras inside of the train cab to help paint a better picture in the event of an accident. As it stands, there are cameras placed on the outside the train and there is also black box technology, but hopefully with cameras installed inside the cabs, it will be able to tell a better story to investigators as to what went wrong specifically, and if the driver could have been at fault.

According to Amtrak’s president and CEO Joe Boardman, “Inward-facing video cameras will help improve safety and serve as a valuable investigative tool. We have tested these cameras and will begin installation as an additional measure to enhance safety.” At the moment the cameras are planned for an install on the long-distance trains between Washington, New York, and Boston.

However it is also expected that eventually the technology could be applied across Amtrak’s entire locomotive fleet in the future.

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