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Battlefield Hardline is getting a new DLC soon and Visceral, the developer of this title, has confirmed when the DLC will be released. This is the first downloadable content pack for this title and it brings four new maps and several new toys. It was previously said that this DLC will be released over the summer.

It has already been revealed that two of the four maps included in the DLC will be set during night time, with the focus being on destruction, particularly on what is and isn’t destructible, this was an issue which gamers faced with the launch maps.

Visceral also confirmed that new vehicles will be included in the first downloadable content pack for Battlefield Hardline. Gamers who get this DLC will receive six new masks as well.

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC release has been confirmed today, with Visceral saying that Premium members are going to get the DLC in June. In today’s announcement the developer didn’t provide a concrete release date for the DLC in June but we expect it shouldn’t be long before it makes that information public.

Also included in the DLC pack are two new vehicles, two new ammunition types for specific weapons, three new weapons, a nail gun battle pickup, new Bounty Hunter game mode and a new gadget.

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