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Battlefield 1’s First Week Sales Outperforms Battlefield 4 & Hardline
With gaming franchises such as EA’s Battlefield still continuing to churn out games on an annual basis after so many years, we’re sure some are wondering if maybe gamers are getting a little tired of it. After all there are only so many ways that one can create an FPS before it starts feeling a little long in the tooth, right?

Battlefield 4 DLC Second Assault Goes Free For Everybody
EA recently announced a new promotion called Road to Battlefield, the aim is to create hype for the upcoming Battlefield game by providing discounted and free content for the two most recent Battlefield games. Today it has released another piece of free content for fans, the Battlefield 4 DLC Second Assault is now available for download absolutely free on all supported platforms.

Battlefield 4 And Battlefield Hardline Discounted To $5
There’s great news for people who haven’t picked up the two most recent Battlefield games. As fans anxiously wait for the new Battlefield game to arrive, DICE has announced that it’s going to offer both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline for $5 each for a limited time. At $5 each, these games are a steal so if you’ve ever been interested in them now is the best time to pull […]

New Battlefield Hardline Expansion Arrives Next Month
EA is going to release a new Battlefield Hardline expansion next month called Betrayal and it brings new maps, weapons, vehicles and more. As the name suggests, this expansion extends the gameplay after you’ve successfully conducted a heist and escaped from the police. Enemies lurk in the shadows and there are confrontations in back alleys and prisons as you try and hold on to your take.


Battlefield Hardline Enters EA Access Vault
Electronic Arts announced today that a relatively new title has joined the list of titles that are free to play via the Xbox One service EA Access. Called Battlefield Hardline, the game provides a cops and robbers take on the infamous Battlefield franchise. The title was released earlier this year in March and merely seven months after it first emerged on the same, it’s going to enter the EA Access Vault.

Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition Owners Unable To Play DLC
One of the reasons why gamers might have purchased the Ultimate Edition of Battlefield Hardline is so that they will be able to access the DLC ahead of everyone else, but it seems that there are some gamers who are running into issue with the DLC, so much so that it seems that the head start they were given has been rendered moot.According to reports on the official forums, there […]

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC Release Delayed
It was announced by Visceral Games last week that it’s going to release the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC in the coming days, a confirmed release date was also provided by the developer, it was supposed to release the DLC on June 16th. That didn’t happen though despite the fact that it was only supposed to be released for Premium members on that date, everybody else would have had to wait […]

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Arrives Next Week
Visceral Games has announced today that the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC is going to be released next week, though gamers should keep in mind that first the DLC will only be released for Premium members. Once the exclusivity period is over for Premium members, Visceral is going to release the DLC for all users, so there’s a bit of patience required if you didn’t pay up the extra cash […]

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Trailer Released
Last week it was confirmed that the first DLC for Battlefield Hardline would be released in June. Dubbed Criminal Activity, for those who are wondering what the DLC will be all about will be pleased to learn that the official trailer for the upcoming DLC has been released and hopefully it will give gamers an idea of what to expect.The DLC is expected to be released to Premium members a […]

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC Release Confirmed For June
 Battlefield Hardline is getting a new DLC soon and Visceral, the developer of this title, has confirmed when the DLC will be released. This is the first downloadable content pack for this title and it brings four new maps and several new toys. It was previously said that this DLC will be released over the summer.

Battlefield Hardline’s DRM Will Lock Users Out For Hardware Changes
There are all kinds of DRMs out there that developers use in their games to help prevent piracy and abuse, and it seems that Battlefield Hardline has one DRM that not many users know about or might encounter. According to reports from TechSpot and Guru3D, it seems that there is a DRM in Hardline that locks users out if hardware changes have been detected.Now before you get all worked out, […]

Battlefield Hardline Makes Its Debut At No. 1 In The UK
EA’s Battlefield Hardline was released last week and it seems that EA has truly learnt from their mistakes with Battlefield 4 as for the most part, the game was launched without a hitch save for a DDoS attack on their servers that rendered the game unplayable for a while for Xbox One gamers, but that is hardly EA’s fault.It could be due to the relative smooth launch and the popularity […]

Battlefield Hardline For Xbox One Hit With DDoS Attack
If you’re trying to get a game of Battlefield Hardline going on your Xbox One and you’re wondering why you are unable to connect, you might be interested to learn that this is not an issue with your connection, but rather an issue with the Battlefield servers which have apparently been hit with a DDoS attack.This has been confirmed by the Battlefield Hardline Twitter account who wrote, “We’ve identified the […]

Battlefield Hardline Launches Today
The Battlefield franchise and the Call of Duty franchise has been going on for quite some time now, and if you’re a bit bored of playing military-styled games, Battlefield Hardline might be of interest to you, and the good news is that if you have been eyeing the game ever since it was announced early last year, you will be pleased to learn that the game will be released today.The […]