When June 15 arrives, those who are well versed with the gaming universe would know that this is the date that E3 2015 will kick off. Just in case you regret it that you are unable to be there in person, you will definitely be pleased to know that the E3 2015 experience can be had live in theaters, too. Part of the reason that this is happening is attributed to the fact that there were quick sell outs in the previous year, which is why it will be staged in a far higher number of theaters this year – for free, too.

In the previous year, tickets in majority of the markets out there sold out in 15 minutes or less, hence the organizers intend to increase the number of theaters by over 150%, which would mean there is at least a single theater in every state across the US – Hawaii and Alaska included, in addition to 3 cities in Canada, that will feature such a “show”.

Being able to enjoy the entire PlayStation E3 press conference in High Definition on the big screen is definitely a huge plus point, not to mention an exclusive 30-minute in-theater post show that sports extended footage and interviews with developers as an added bonus. [Press Release]

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