UnitedMost companies that we know of would do their level best to ensure that they do not end up getting hacked or experience a security breach, and for very good reason, too. After all, important and sensitive information can be obtained in this manner, which will then compromise the personal security and data of their clients and customers. Not so for United Airlines this time – as they have stepped forward with a public request to get hacked through an initiative that is known as the “bug bounty” program.

What is there in store for those who decide to take up this challenge? Well, United Airlines intends to offer up to a whopping 1 million frequent-flier miles to the person who is able to hunt down bugs in its public technology systems, and this will also include those that have been put there in the first place to safeguard passengers’ personal information.

United mentioned online, “At United, we take your safety, security and privacy seriously. We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and the personal data we receive from them, which is why we are offering a bug bounty program — the first of its kind within the airline industry. … If you think you have discovered a potential bug that affects our websites, apps and/or online portals, please let us know. If the submission meets our requirements, we’ll gladly reward you for your time and effort.”

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