wolframNow this is certainly an example of where artificial intelligence would not result in the extinction of mankind due to a robot apocalypse – with computing company Wolfram Research rolling out what they deem to be a “milestone” website. This particular website is known as ImageIdentify.com, where as its name suggests, claims to be able to identify just about any photo. Needless to say, one should not expect it to be perfect in nature, and there are bound to be mistakes from time to time.

How does ImageIdentify.com work? For starters, it will allow you to drag a photo or upload an image into the program, before the machine learning algorithm would work things out internally prior to returning an answer. Examples that have worked before include “cheetah,” “zamboni” or “fragrant water lily”.

Wolfram stated, “‘What is this a picture of?’ Humans can usually answer such questions instantly, but in the past it’s always seemed out of reach for computers to do this. For nearly 40 years I’ve been sure computers would eventually get there—but I’ve wondered when.”

It would be interesting to see just how this particular website will change the way we use the Internet, and it has been rather accurate where identifying basic objects are concerned.

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