Smartphones with built-in pico projectors aren’t new. In fact despite it being a rather clever idea, it hasn’t really caught on yet so in reality, it does feel more like a novel piece of technology rather than a useful one. However could Lenovo be changing things up? Recently at the Lenovo Tech World conference, the company showed off a smartphone with a built-in projector.

However instead of the projector being used to beam photos, videos, and documents onto a wall, the projector instead projects onto a surface, like a table top, and transforms it into a touch surface meaning that any interactions you perform on the projected area is then translated into actual commands for your smartphone.

This uses Lenovo’s Smart Case technology and some of the examples Lenovo showed off include using the projector to project a larger keyboard to type with. It can even be used to project a piano’s keyboard for music composition and playing. It can also be used for games so that you can enjoy your smartphone games on a larger display.

That being said as cool as this is, Lenovo did state during their keynote speech that these devices are just a demonstration of what the company is up to in terms of research. Whether or not Lenovo actually turns them into consumer products remains to be seen, but what do you guys think? Is this a phone you might be interested in?

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